1996 Telluride Film Festival

Partitial Listing of Films:

"Sling Blade," Billy Bob Thornton
"Le Trou," Jacques Becker
"Twelfth Night," Trevor Nunn
"Walt Disney's Unseen Treasures," Scott MacQueen
"Irma Veep," Oliver Assayas
"Lilian's Story," Jerzy Domaradzki
"Grand Phantasmagoria and Magic Latern Show"
"Kolya," Jan Sveraks
"Drifting Clouds"
"Gabbeh," Mohsen Makhmalbaf
"A Self-Made Hero," Jacques Audiard
"Breaking the Waves," Lars Von Trier
"Ann Rand: A Sense of Life," Michael Paxton
"Le Samorai"
"Two Eyes, Twelve Hands," Werner Herzog
"Fly Away Home," Carroll Ballard
"Riot," Galen Yuen, Alex Munoz, Richard DiLello, & David Johnson
"Cardiogram," Darezhan Omrbaev
"Message to Love," Murray Lerner
"Swingers," Doug Liman
"Beautiful Thing," Hettie MacDonald
"The Cloud Capped Star," Ritwik Ghatak
"Microcosmos," Claude Nuridsany & Marie Perennou
"The Unknown"
"Le Ciel es a Vous (The Sky is Yours)," Jean Gremillion
"Carmen's Pure Love," Keisuke Kinoshita
"Daisies," Vera Chytilova

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