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Films Scouts is proud to present a live cybercast from the 1997 Sundance Film Festival beginning January 28, 1997, at 12 noon EST. This cybercast will continue for six weeks. Presented in association with Thinking Pictures, a leading New York multimedia, technology, and interactive design firm, the "Film Scouts Newsreel" is an example of using the internet as a global broadcast medium with state-of-the-art technology and an advanced network architecture.

This date was incorrectly identified as January 26th on some printed press releases. We apologize for any incovenience due to this error.

The "Film Scouts Newsreels" cybercast can be seen at the rock.com network broadcast page. "Film Scouts Newsreels" will have four episodes in the series. They will be broadcast over the Internet using PixelFlix, a revolutionary new audio/video streaming technology developed by Thinking Pictures. PixelFlix is a helper-app-free video-streaming application that runs under Netscape 2.x+ and Microsoft Explorer 4.0b2+. It is being streamed over the Net using Sun servers and Icon's nationwide ATM network.

Thinking Pictures is an MIT Media Lab Interactive Cinema spin-off. Founded in 1993, Thinking Pictures has a long history of technology and new media innovation. An early cybercasting pioneer, Thinking Pictures produced the Rolling Stones "Voodoo Lounge" Mbone multicast, the first live concert ever broadcast over the Internet. Currently, Thinking Pictures is building rock.com, an interactive music/film culture content aggregation network that partners with and distributes content from its affiliate partners. As a premiere systems integrator for the entertainment and media industries, Thinking Pictures is developing a suite of interactive content applications, including CinemaServer, MovieCast, and Thinking Nets. Each of these products focuses on the creation, database management, and interactive distribution of customized multimedia content to the end-user. For more information about Thinking Pictures' technologies or joining the rock.com network, see http://www.thinkpix.com or call/email Gordon Gould (212-989-3950/ gordon@thinkpix.com).

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