"Fast Fiction"
The Film Scouts Interactive Screenplay II
The Story So Far...

Scene I

New York, 2060

Claudette arrives in New York City at the Miramax Enterprise Zone at the Port Authority Central Terminal (she just came in from the Nebraska free-farming zone #1). However, due to the level 3 implosion in the Clinton Tunnel, her Samsung Bus was directed to Level 3 instead of Level 8. Level 8 is crime-free and a really wonderful place, but Level 3 is sort of like the third bad remake of "Blade Runner" - just too close to the surface city. Well, off the bus she goes. She spies a man (or is it a woman?) with a shiny waxed head and tie-dyed clothes looking like an acid trip from the the famous 60's of the previous century, listening with headphones and jumping up and down and singing retro tunes, sort of hip hop goes techno beat... Welcome to the city. She stops and turns towards the moving elevated walkway to level 8. The tie-dyed character jumps out in front of her....

--P. L., New York, NY

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