"Boulevard de la Croisette"
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"You're such a violent girl. Anything to attract my attention. Now I remember why I stopped being close to you!" Claudette screams at Imoko as they line up for refreshments at one of Canne's most popular cafes.

Imoko shakes her head in fury. "You've never understood me; don't you see I'm protecting you. Everyone knows the danger you're in!"

"What danger?" Claudette's dazzling eyes flash in anger and confusion. "Mayhem, yes. Since I've been here I've been bullied by a cab driver, sexually harrassed by a hotelier, had violent dreams, crushes on strangers, and now I'm back to my old lesbian admirer. But leave me, please. You know I only like you as a friend.... But I hear KD Lang's in town. Why don't you lavish your attentions on her!"

"You, you bitch!" screams Imoko. "I - I'm leaving you now, for good. But just remember, you're in danger! You were sent here to help rig some of the votes.  And so far, I hear, you've been an abject failure."

Their screaming match is interrupted as the portly body of screen legend Gerard Depardieu ambles past, holding the hand of... KD Lang.

--J.L., Sydney, Australia

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