The 46th Berlin International Film Festival 1996


The president of this year's International Jury is the renowned Russian film director and actor Nikita Mikhalkov. Bornin 1945 into a family of artists and poets, Mikhalkov studied acting as a child and soon began performing on stage andscreen, usually in romantic leads. Like his older brother Andrei, he studied directing under Michail Romm at the MoscowVGIK. When both brothers became directors, they divided up the family name Mikhalkov-Konchalovsky to avoid confusion,with Nikita calling himself Mikhalkov and his brother becoming known in America as Andrei Konchalovsky, where he madeseveral films, including Maria's Lovers. Mikhalkov remained for the most part in the Soviet Union, often adapting literaryworks for the screen, including the two-part Oblomov (1979). His Italian/French co-production Dark Eyes won BestActor for Marcello Mastroianni at the 1987 Cannes festival. More recently, he has directed the extremely successful,award-winning films Urga (Felix as Best European Film, 1993) and Burnt By The Sun (Academy Award as Best ForeignFilm, 1995), in which he also plays a leading role.

The other members of the International Jury are Gila Almagor, actress, screenwriter and author (Israel); VincenzoCerami, screenwriter, poet, journalist, writer (Italy); Joan Chen, actress and producer from China, now living in theUnited States (USA); Ann Hui, film director (Hong Kong); Peter Lilienthal, film director (Germany); JürgenProchnow, actor (Germany); Claude Rich, actor (France); Fay Weldon, author, screenwriter, writer for television,radio and the stage (England); Catherine Wyler, producer (USA); Christian Zeender, television director, writer,cultural delegate (Switzerland).

Jury of the Peace Film Award
Roman Weyl
Harriet Eder
Andrea Genest
Leonie Ossowski
Monika Pugienie
Eva Quistorp
Helene Schwarz
Andreas Voigt
M. Wündrich-Brodien
Jury of the Guild of the German Art House Cinemas
Thomas Engel
Joachim Junghans
Dieter Klein
Adrian Kutter
Hans-Werner Renneke
Jury of the 19th Children's Film Festival
Apurba Kishore Bir -- India
Rolf Losansky -- Germany
Maria Peters -- Netherlands
Arthur Reinhart -- Poland
Jane Schoettle -- Italy
International Jury of the C.I.C.A.E.i
(International Art Cinemas Confederation)
Pedro Bandeira Freire -- Portugal
Joseph Max Monnereau -- France
Helmut Schneider -- Germany
Lieve Vanderlick -- Belgium

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