Film Scouts on the Riviera 1999

1999 Cannes Film Festival Diaries
#5, Pretty Fly for That "Fly" Guy

by Richard Schwartz

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CANNES, May 15 - For each of the twelve nights of this festival, Cannes will play host to every sort of celebration. In the course of a single evening, one can attend a formal dinner at a hilltop villa, a casual cocktail party at a tent on the beach and a loud blowout at a seafront casino. That is, if one can secure an invitation or guest list spot to the event, and that is no small feat even for some of the more seasoned studio folks.

Festival juror Jeff Goldblum apparently has had little trouble finding his way to the party. Of course, it is fairly easy for most celebrities (though almost everybody here seems to consider themselves a kind of celebrity) to gain access to parties here; publicists like to keep score of each big name they can attract. However, it is somewhat unusual for the celebrity invitee to show for every party.

Goldblum, however, has seemed to make an appearance at seemingly every Cannes fete thus far. Look, there's Goldblum enterting the "The Barber of Siberia" opening night dinner on the beach. And there's Jeff and Hef and the bunnies cavorting on the Playboy yacht. Oh, wait, there he is at the Cure By the Shore benefit in Les Allees park.

And from all indications, he is a lively party guest, always willing to initiate conversation or even cut a rug. Heck, maybe at his next stop, he'll take a page from his own book and sits down at a piano, as he does every Monday night at a club in Los Angeles.

This, however, raises the question of the whereabouts of Goldblum's jury peers. Holly Hunter was spotted a couple times, but no sign of the rest (though I'd certainly be hard-pressed to identify opera singer Barbara Hendricks or Italian director Maurizio Nichetti in a crowd). Are they perhaps screening films or considering their choices? And, if so, when does Goldblum even have the time to do the same?

Fortunately for the "Jurassic Park" star, the jury president this time around isn't Wim Wenders. When the German director chaired the panel a few years ago, it was said that he would force his jurors to sit through a film a second time if they weren't paying sufficient attention. Lucky for Goldblum, this year's group is chaired by his pal, "The Fly" director David Cronenberg.

Surprisingly, Goldblum was not present at a Saturday night event for "Austin Powers 2: The Spy Who Shagged Me" held at Palm Beach. In fact, few "stars" save Mike Myers, Heather Graham, Jon Bon Jovi, Matthew McConaughey (who co-stars with Bon Jovi in a WWII feature shot in Europe) and Kirstin Dunst did attend. Hefner and the bunnies entered around midnight to little fanfare. Only those wearing badges bearing Mike Myers' mug even spotted them; the common people were given Heather Graham badges and restricted from enterting the VIP room where the celebs mingled. New Line is promoting "Austin 2" here in advance of its European summer release to exploit the captive audience of foreign journalists. The film opens in the U.S. on June 21. All guests attending received their own pair of shagadelic Austin spectacles.

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