Film Scouts on the Riviera 1999

1999 Cannes Film Festival Diaries
A Festival Wine Diary, Part 8

by Amy Reiley

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The first film by Australian director Ernie Clark was certainly not a bad effort. It did find its way into the Cannes Film Festival Market screenings. Whether it finds its way into American cinemas remains to be seen. More than likely, it will become a late night cable cult classic.

SPANK! compares to a glass of herbaceous sauvignon blanc, sort of like searching for a daisy in a garden of weeds. Like a lightweight white, the film is up front about its subject matter, essentially nothing. The actors prattle on for an hour and a half, lingering on the screen the way the dregs of that cheap sauvignon blanc linger in the bottom of the bottle.

Certainly the film had its high points. After all, even bad wine can come in a pretty bottle. Cinematographer David Foreman and Editor Ted McQueen Mason managed to pull together some interesting sequences of shots on an absolute shoestring budget. And Clark managed to assemble what is probably the most attractive cast ever to appear together on the Australian screen.

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