Film Scouts on the Riviera 1999

1999 Cannes Film Festival Diaries
A Festival Wine Diary, Part 3

by Amy Reiley

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What do you drink at an exclusive party thrown by Hugh Hefner on the Playboy yacht? Champagne of course!

A better question would be: How did I wind up working the door at Playboy's intimate aquatic soiree? Such are the mysterious workings of Cannes. In three short days I've learned to keep my doors open welcoming opportunity to walk right in.

Although this p.r. savvy style has resulted in several sleepless nights, it also landed me the job of bouncing with the Bunnies at the Playmate of the year, Heather Kozar's, coming out party. (And come out she did from a black fishnet ensemble resembling a loosely strung chain of grandma's doilies.)

Laurent Perrier's Brut from the Champagne Region was the beverage of the night. The icy wine's sharp, citrus tang was the perfect companion for my cold job of turning away partygoers not found on Hefner's exclusive guest list.

Mr. Hefner was in his finest form, making an entrance with not only his twinset girlfriends but by two additional bunny blonde beauties, straight from under the doctor's knife. After spending a night next to these Barbie Dolls, Mom and Dad will be thrilled to hear that there is no hope of my making a career as a Playmate. (Although I was repeatedly asked if I was among Hefner's entourage by what must have been the most shortsighted men in attendance.)

Nonetheless, it was an eye opening evening of wine, women, song and a smattering of celebrities. Jeff Goldblum and Mario Van Peoples appeared to be having the time of their lives twirling Bunnies around the dance floor. It was also reported that Michael Flatley performed a stunning Bunny Hop.

Perhaps tomorrow I will even get to take in a movie...

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