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1997 Cannes Film Festival Diaries
Cannes-Scan #7

by Jerry (the usher)

Episode 7:

As this festival concludes, I feel a little drained, I've been running around like mad, trying to see movies and meet people. As the end draws near and I still haven't found a producer for my screenplay, a sense of permanent frustration has settled in. I'm going to just hang out and forget the whole hustle and enjoy the sun.

However much of a circus the festival is, it has artistic integrity and purpose at its core and I really appreciate that. When I saw the list of "discoveries", directors who have had their first public exposure here, I was really amazed. From Rosselini to Coppola and beyond, an astonishing record over 50 years.

Besides the Festival and the beach, the best thing about Cannes is the croissants. No one else can make a croissant like the French can, I don't know exactly why, but no one else quite gets it right.

Even though I didn't have much luck with my screenplay, I had a great time with Jai-Pi and Odile. I feel lucky to actually have gotten to know a couple of French people and not just have hung out with the other Anglophones, of which there were plenty. If they weren't in the Festival proper they were in the Market, and if they weren't in the Market they just showed up to take advantage of the capitvie audience of journalists, and if they weren't doing that they were like me, hustling around looking for a deal. You couldn't turn the corner without bumping in to one.

'Til the 51st, au revoir, Cannes!

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