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1996 Cannes Film Festival Diaries
On the Neuropsychodynamics of Festival Life Forms, Part II

by Dr. R. Flickheimer, PhD.

9 May 1996

13:49 (+01:00) Trip sucked. Should have taken that Melatonin for jet-lag after all. My French is even worse than I remember (oh, yes, I forgot, I don't speak French - mierd!). The Peugeot 106 rental seems to be powered by a Singer Slant-o-Matic - thank god the hand brake functions better than the one attached to the pedal; teeth are still rattling over the journey from Nice. Apartment on Rue Meynadier is gloomy, "charming" to the extreme. Phone is making mysterious sounds, no clear relationship to buttons pushed. Maybe plan surgery for later. I'm so glad to be here. Better hit the streets and get on top of my assignment.

17:38 (+01:00) - I've decided to begin with a case study. Just met "Q" one hour ago, lounge at the Majestic (I was thirsty). She seems to be some sort of media guru, producer(?), also hopelessly tangled in the World Wide Web. Glad at least I know my William Gibson novels to keep the conversation going. She's been kind enough to continue our chat here in her quarters, apparently so long as I keep paying for the Muscat. Doesn't seem to mind that I've flipped on the Thinkpad and am now typing.

Q now readying herself for a meeting; seems oblivious to fact that I'm still here. Keeps muttering "Quentin" under her breath and waving hands (possible onset of hallucinatory behavior?); increased irritability towards colleagues and staff, who are wandering in and out, no obvious agendae here. Q now mixing French and English within sentences - doesn't seem sensitive to native language capacity of listeners. Changed skirt three times before returning to original selection. Significant increase in disorientation compared to earlier. Doesn't seem to be a side effect of the Muscat. Computer cable protruding from handbag, post-it notes scattered pseudorandomly over bathroom mirror. Handwriting is illegible. Spelling is poor, not clear whether this reflects a significant change from baseline. Remnants of baguettes and unidentifiable preserves scattered over bed and floor; half-full coffee cups identified on 6 different room surfaces. Suspect significant dysregulation in the basolateral frontal-lobe circuit, possible electrical spiking in the amygdaloid nucleus. Rule out sleep deprivation, caffeine and/or alcohol intoxication, emerging brief reactive psychosis.

Q leaving apartment. Asks if I'd like to witness live "conference"; something about a Tristar deal? I can play secretary - execs won't know the difference, she says I'm cute and seem to type pretty fast. Logging off for now as Duty calls . . .

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