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Hello, projection...

Well, I've got the trailer as QuickTime (8.7mb).

I have some M. L. Riesman "Caught In The Web" Inter(net)views in QuickTime format:
"My Name Is" with Costa-Gavras (0.6mb)
"Net Addiction" with Costa-Gavras (1.6mb)
"Amazing Changes" with Costa-Gavras (0.5mb)
"Changing Media" with Costa-Gavras (1.6mb)
"Press Stampede?" with Costa-Gavras (0.5mb)
"It's All a Show" with Costa-Gavras (1.7mb)
"How They Got There" with Costa-Gavras (2.1mb)
"Society's Influence" with Costa-Gavras (1.1mb)
"Crossing The Line" with Costa-Gavras (2.6mb)
"Dressing Up News" with Costa-Gavras (1.4mb)
"Too Much Access" with Costa-Gavras (1.9mb)
"News: Play by Play" with Costa-Gavras (1.3mb)
"The Media Beast" with Costa-Gavras (1.3mb)
"Feeding The Public" with Costa-Gavras (1.6mb)
"Media as a Tool" with Costa-Gavras (1.9mb)
"Casting Changes" with Costa-Gavras (2.7mb)
"A Change of Image" with Costa-Gavras (1.5mb)
"Dressing for a Role" with Costa-Gavras (2.1mb)

I've also got some slides from the film:
More Slides
Even More Slides
Yet More Slides

...OK, you're welcome. 'Bye.

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