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Hello, projection...

Well, I've got the trailer as QuickTime (8.1mb).

I can also roll some RealAudio (sound only, no pictures):
Round Table Discussion: Kim Basinger
Round Table Discussion: Russell Crowe
Round Table Discussion: Danny DeVito
Round Table Discussion: James Ellroy
Round Table Discussion: Curtis Hanson
Round Table Discussion: Guy Pearce

I've also got some slides from the film:
More Slides
Even More Slides

I also have some clips from the film:
"Clip 1" as QuickTime (5.5mb).
"Clip 2" as QuickTime (4.6mb).
"Clip 3" as QuickTime (4.1mb).
"Clip 4" as QuickTime (5.9mb).
"Clip 5" as QuickTime (3.7mb).
"Clip 6" as QuickTime (3.6mb).

...OK, you're welcome. 'Bye.

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