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Hello, projection...

Well, I've got the trailer as QuickTime (8.3mb), 28k RealVideo or 56k RealVideo.

I've got some M. L. Riesman "Caught In The Web" Inter(net)views on the film in RealVideo format as follows:
Debbie Allen as 28k RealVideo or 56k RealVideo.
Anthony Hopkins as 28k RealVideo or 56k RealVideo.
Djimon Hounsou as 28k RealVideo or 56k RealVideo.
Matthew McConaughey as 28k RealVideo or 56k RealVideo.

I have some M. L. Riesman "Caught In The Web" Inter(net)views in QuickTime format:
"A Dream Come True" with Debbie Allen (0.8mb)
"Power at Play" with Debbie Allen (1.4mb)
"Off the Books" with Debbie Allen (1.1mb)
"Finding the Truth" with Debbie Allen (1.1mb)
"For the World" with Debbie Allen (0.6mb)
"Self-Identity" with Debbie Allen (1.2mb)
"A Great Journey" with Debbie Allen (1.4mb)
"An Emotional Set" with Debbie Allen (1.4mb)
"Caught In The Web" with Debbie Allen (0.3mb)
"Not A Nerd" with Anthony Hopkins (2.3mb)
"The Way I Like It" with Anthony Hopkins (2.0mb)
"I've Done It All" with Anthony Hopkins (0.5mb)
"No Illusions" with Anthony Hopkins (0.8mb)
"Childhood Goals" with Anthony Hopkins (0.5mb)
"Wandering In" with Anthony Hopkins (0.9mb)
"Advice for Actors" with Anthony Hopkins (1.4mb)
"Perspective" with Anthony Hopkins (1.6mb)
"Who We Were" with Djimon Hounsou (1.6mb)
"In the Language Lab" with Djimon Hounsou (1.5mb)
"A Difficult Task" with Djimon Hounsou (1.7mb)
"Stepping Back" with Djimon Hounsou (1.0mb)
"Taken by the Story" with Djimon Hounsou (1.1mb)
"Sir Anthony" with Djimon Hounsou (1.0mb)
"Only 150 Years Ago" with Matthew McConaughey (1.4mb)
"Choosing Projects" with Matthew McConaughey (0.5mb)
"Fact By Your Side" with Matthew McConaughey (1.1mb)
"Sir Anthony Is..." with Matthew McConaughey (0.8mb)
"My Story" with Matthew McConaughey (1.9mb)
"More Than Winning" with Matthew McConaughey (2.7mb)

...OK, you're welcome. 'Bye.

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