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1995 San Sebastian Film Festival Buzz
The "Magnum Cinema" Exhibition

This exhibition comprising 206 photographs. takes a look at the history of cinema from the point of view of the Most distinguished photographers and includes mythical images such as that of JAMES DEAN walking through Times Square (1955) by the photographer DENIS STOCK. or the famous shots of MARILYN MONROE. (1960) taken by the photographer EVE ARNOLD during the shooting of THE MISFITS by John Huston. together with other unpublished and surprising shots.

Not only does MAGNUM CINEMA include, portraits, shots and famous scenes from films and of characters who have already passed into the realms of history. but also of recent productions or festivals. reflecting the evolution of the film Industry in all its aspects, the world over, MAGNUM CINEMA is. without a doubt a celebration of the world's best author images of the film industry.

For 50 years, these MAGNUM photographers have been observing the "Planet Cinema" front their own particular point of view, that is. taking the necessary time in each case, never entirely by accident. becoming deeply involved with their chosen objective, The cooperative structure of the agency, created by Robert Capa, Henri Cartier-Bresson, George Rodger and David Seymour, is unique in the sector and permits and guarantees the photographers complete freedom of expression, thereby making their photographs into real "author works".

From the macro-production of Hollywood to author cinema. from actors to directors, from festivals to scenes on the set from the public image to moments of the stars' deepest intimacy. everything related to cinema is reflected in this marvelous exhibition which can be seen in San Sebastian. It will open its doors on the same day as the Film Festival. In this way, among others. the, Festival is making its contribution to celebrating the centenary of this art which has shaken the whole world throughout the century.

Presented by the International Film Festival of Donostio-San Sebastian, In San Telmo Museum, from 14th September until 25th October this exhibition, organized by the famous photographic agency, MAGNUM, in celebration of the Centenary of Cinema, will be open to the general public.

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