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1997 Cannes Film Festival Buzz
Official Festival Buzz

Françoise ARNOUL will preside over the "Camera d'Or" jury, awarding a First Film Prize to a film chosen from the Festival's different sections.

- Milos FORMAN will hold the "Leçon de Cinéma" on Wednesday, May 14 in the "Salon Des Ambassadeurs".

- The "50th Anniversary Forum" will be held on Monday May 12, bringing together numerous directors on the topic of 'Cinema Today', the role of the Festival and the new aspect of critic and film buffs.

- Alan PARKER will preside over the International Trailer Festival on Wednesday May 14.

- Philippe DECOUFLÉ has created a show for the May 11th Anniversary (Cie D.C.A. Philippe Decouflé/Contact: Michel Queré: (33-1) 48 13 05 06).

- The Anniversary Photograph is to be taken by Greg GORMAN for the Festival and the agency Gamma (Contact: Corinne Marchetti: (33-1) 41 23 77 00).

- Cartier is associated with the Festival for the Anniversary Celebration on Sunday May 11, in an expression of its aid to artistic creation.

- Catherine FEFF is designing the decor adorning the Palais.

- The Festival will be welcoming young British directors on May 10, in association with British Screen (Contact: Vanessa Jerrom: (33-1) 42 66 23 38).

- Young French Cinema will also be present on May 13 in association with Unifrance (Contact: Mélita Nikolic: (33-1) 47 53 95 80).

- Official Festival Exhibitions :
- "The Festival Seen By..." - homage to Cannes Photographers - created by Patrick Baume (with the aid of Kodak and EPI).
- «50 years of Palme d'Or Posters» - The BFI collection
- "Following the Stars" - Traverso Collection
- "50 Palme d'Or Headlining International press"and :
- "When Fellini drew.." - intimate self-portraits - D. Barbiani collection, with the aid of Canal + and in collaboration with Les Cahiers du Cinéma.

- An original mosaic, designed and constructed by France Cherqui paying homage to 50 years of Cannes, will be on show in the Palais des Festivals.

- The Paris Mint has created a medal and a trophy for the 50th Anniversary of the Festival.

- An auction selling 150 original Palme d'Or and Grand Prix posters will take place on May 14.

- The official CD-ROM is coproduced by Télérama, Pathé-Interactive, Index+ and the Festival International du Film.

- The SACD in collaboration with ARP will organise luncheon meetings with authors and international professionals at the Espace Méditerranée.

- Participants include ADAMI and PROCIREP

- The Festival has two Internet sites, designed and produced by SGIP - Communication subsidary of Publicis Group. One deals with this years' selection, the other with the 50th Anniversary : and

- The 'Digital Club' will allow professionals to familiarise themselves with technical advances in film. Multi-Media Day is on May 16.

- The Cannes Forum Festival, with the aid of the Cannes Mayor's Office, has created a welcoming and meeting place for film buffs.

- After the Festival the Un Certain Regard selections will be screened at the Elysées Lincoln theatre in Paris, starting May 21.

- The Short Film selections will be screened after the Festival, in Paris, at the 14 Juillet Beaubourg Theatre.

Information courtesy of the Cannes Festival Internet site

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