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1996 Cannes Film Festival Buzz
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Why are you at the Cannes Film Festival, and what do you think so far?

"For my pleasure. This year's films are not very good. I think last year the
films were better."

-Carrou Stephane, FRANCE

"We are in holiday in Italy just across the border. We came here for the atmosphere and the women. Too many tourist and don't see much of the actual film festival. Much better than Germany!"

-Kai, Wolfgang, and Ivo , GERMANY

"I'm trying to break into the business, so to me, Cannes is like a dream."

-Greg, USA

"I'm a new filmmaker and I'm in Cannes looking for contacts. I'm hoping to come back next year and compete. I find the festival a bit confusing, but fascinating."


"For the girls."

-Dan, Cannes, FRANCE

"Coincidence. I was visiting a friend in Monocco and the festival happened to be going on. I love the atmosphere. Every type of person is here."


"We were in Nice and we happened to stumble upon [the festival]. It's really interesting, though we really haven't seen anything yet."

-Stephanie & Gayle, USA

"I've been studying foreign films for years and thought Cannes would be a perfect place to see some. I haven't seen as many films as I would have liked, but I love the atmosphere. I plan on returning next year."

-George, USA

"Visiting my family in Paris. Thought it would be cool to check out Cannes. It's really cool to see films before they're released."

-Sally, USA

"To see the stars and 'fit' women."


"I want to see Sharon Stone. I love the beaches."


"I was on my way to Monaco and thought I'd stop off. It's crazy here."

-John, USA

"It's my second year here. I'm principally here to go to parties and soak up French culture. The people are really well-behaved and dress really well. Maybe that's why there's so many police officers."

-Joan, USA

"Been travelling around Europe and figured I'd stop by. It's too crowded."


"Here to see what it's all about. It's pretty bizarre and exciting."

-Diego, USA

"I want to work in the industry and thought Cannes would be a good overview. It's more than just studying film in class."

-Jeremy, USA

"I want to see international films that you don't get to see at home. I'm having a blast, though it's tough trying to get into screenings."

-Mike, USA

"I'm a student at UCLA and want to try to get into the biz. Everything's completely overwhelming."

-Henry, USA

"Huge film buff and I want to see celebrities. I'm disappointed I haven't seen Keanu [Reeves], but I'm having a great time anyway."

-Carrie, USA

"Piensa que el festival es una broma y desea que le nunca arrive."

-Oso, Barcelona

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